Bridge the Gap

I have gone through my life and come to learn that not many people, college students and adults included, have a concrete idea of what they wish to do in their future. I can’t say I blame you though because after all how many other decisions are of that caliber? Perhaps I can consider myself lucky having come to a realization at a very young age.

When I was in elementary school I was dragged to my father’s work place on account of “Bring your Child to Work Day.” I was not exactly interested but how many kids are going to complain with a day off from school? Certainly not me! At the time I did not know what my father did for a living but that was made clear the moment I stepped into his company’s work room. There were technical drawing stations scattered throughout the whole room, dozens of them, as well as the many creations they have brought to life! Buildings and bridges, some of which I have seen in person and, as a child, I was amazed. Some say that it does not take much for a child to get interested in something and that could not have been more true to that moment because right then and there I had decided what I wanted to do in my future.

I have always been interested in expansion, which I suppose has helped in leading me to become a Civil Engineering major. The idea of constant change, being able to reach new places, new sanctuaries, new worlds, is a remarkable concept. Buildings, big and small, are an art-form in and of itself. Especially systems of skyscrapers that seem to rise up high enough with the intent to one day pierce the heavens. They shelter us in more ways than one but what happens when we build and build and one day run out of room? It is turn for the bridge to step in!

Bridges are masterpieces! I find fascination in a structure that brings forth simplicity for others. Can you even fathom the idea of connecting Japan to Korea so that you no longer have to fly from one to the other? How about the idea of a space bridge, giving the ability to get from Earth to the moon without the need of a rocket or shuttle? They may seem impossible now but you never know what the future holds. We already have extremely amazing structures, such as the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which spans about 20 miles long over the Atlantic Ocean, and the Millau Bridge in France, which is over 1000 feet tall and is occasionally above the clouds. I am excited to live in an ever changing world and to one day help make it an even better place!

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