Nuclear Power and Its Price

On Earth there will indeed come a time when we run out of fossil fuels and have to rely on our renewable resources such as Wind Power, Solar Power, and Nuclear Power. What is the safest? What is the most reliable? There is no telling whether one is better than the other but lets take a look at nuclear power. For countless years now the use of nuclear energy as a renewable resource has been a very controversial issue. Like all things in our world it has its advantages and disadvantages though, in the case of nuclear energy production, they tend to range from very beneficial to catastrophic. On the plus side it is known to produce far fewer greenhouse gases than other forms of electric generators such as fossil fuels and the electricity of which it produces comes in far greater amounts than other methods such as solar power. However, as we all know, for every up there is a down. Nuclear power plants have a high potential to be targets of terrorism, nuclear waste lasts hundreds of thousands of years, and then of course there is always the risk of a meltdown, leakage, or overall collapse. I am sure many of us are familiar with the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, the Fukushima disaster in Japan, as well as the Three-Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania.

It would appear that to most of the world, regarding the usage of nuclear power, is it highly opposed. A poll conducted in 2011, consisting of 24 countries, showed that only 3 of 24 nations, America, India, and Poland, were in favor of nuclear power where as the other nations, Germany, Italy (which has banned nuclear power), and Japan for instance, oppose the use of it. Many nations have changed their views on nuclear power due to the Fukushima disaster (which occurred in 2011) that even now is causing a lot of trouble in Japan as well as America. Protests against nuclear power are very frequent as even I myself have witnessed them in action, crowding the streets of Akita and many street corners of Tokyo, while abroad in Japan a year ago.

However, despite the damages and dangers, many organizations, such as the World Nuclear Association, strongly believe that nuclear power is a necessity for the future due to the increasing population, which results in an increase of fossil fuel and energy usage, thus increasing prices. Nuclear power usage also leads to cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gases, as well as a continuous supply of electricity.


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