A Double-sided World

Everybody likes a good argument, whether it is between two friends or two complete strangers. How about an argument between a scientist and a normal everyday working citizen? Despite the amount of interest I would find in two completely different minds battling off I personally do not think it would be very enjoyable to listen to, partially due to the fact that I have come to learn that science is ’emotionless’. That, however, seems to be a necessity; we would not be anywhere as advanced as we are today if we took into account the feelings of every person affected by the actions of science.

Animal experimentation has brought forth many medical findings and it can also be said that human experimentation has brought forth some important findings as well. Despite all this I do not exactly find happiness when listening to a podcast that involves bringing a woman to tears, all while ignoring what she has to say so that a ‘scientist’ can get his point across. This may make me seem like a bad guy to some people for putting down science but, on the contrary, I agree with both sides of this argument. Science may seem cold but I believe it means well. As such lets take a look at the controversy regarding nuclear power as I previously talked about.

In Japan (you may realize by now I am infatuated with Japan), there are always anti-nuclear power rallies going on. As I have said before I have seen a couple personally, such as the June 2013 60,000 person rally in Tokyo by the Diet building. This is due to the recent failings of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and yet, despite the country-wide disapproval of nuclear power, there are plans to build another nuclear power plant in Japan by 2030. As such this too is science ignoring the pleas of the people with the intent of bettering the nation. If we have to dirty our hand to make the world a better place then so be it!

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