You Learn Something New Everyday

Through past interests and my current college life I am slowly making my way to becoming a Civil Engineer. As a child I had always imagined a civil engineer being this super smart person responsible for building all the structures that we see through our everyday lives. They did not have to worry about paperwork or homework; they just went to work and started designing and building. Man was I wrong!

Since starting college, through my classes and by meeting people, I have had the opportunity to begin learning about the true workings of a civil engineer. On the contrary to what my younger self had thought, civil engineers are not the ones responsible for actually building the structures and nor do they begin the day (ordinarily) by starting off at the project site. I had the privilege of “interviewing” my construction classes’ professor, Professor Morris, and he said, “Construction projects require precise documentation to establish contracts, roles and responsibilities, convey design intent, coordinate schedules, request clarification, direct others and ask questions.” This statement too is another contradiction to my past self’s beliefs because communication is a vital part of a construction project’s success, whether it be verbal or written.

I have come to learn through my “talk” (email) with my professor that good communication will lead to good vibes in the work place and in turn lead to success. There are many jobs you can be thrown into, as a leader or simple worker, and it is always good to be prepared. It is impossible to know everything and as with my professor there will come a time when you are confronted with something you do not understand and/or are uncomfortable with. When that time comes always remember people prefer honesty.

“…don’t pretend to know something that you don’t.  Otherwise, your ability to communicate and lead is severely impacted….”

One thought on “You Learn Something New Everyday

  1. I really like the juxtaposition between what you once thought and what you now know — it makes this post super relatable and readable. Great work.

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