Writing Serious Things, In a Creative Way

After my years of schooling, which will probably be quite some time from now, I would love to work with children with developmental issues. Developmental psychology is a very interesting subject because the brain is changing and evolving (growing) throughout the process of working with the child. So I set out to ask someone in this particular field a couple questions about communicating their work and findings to the ‘outside’ community.

Natalie is on the board of directors at Imagine! Colorado. Imagine! provides support services to people with developmental and cognitive disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

I learned from our conversation that writing is a relatively large and crucial part of the job. She writes ‘progress reports’ about the different kids that she works with. These reports go out to both the parents and the senior developmental psychologist at the program. She plans on publishing her findings after a certain amount of time and clients. 

She says “I have become accustomed to writing my findings in a professional manner but I have always felt I’ve been better at communicating in a more informal, fun way”. I agree with her remarks on communication format when addressing a large audience. I have often felt restricted when writing in a very formal manner. 

Writing in this “fun” way, allows me to write outside the box and allows me to express myself in a way that enables me to drive a point home. This more creative style writing would also allow me to communicate with a larger audience outside of the science community—Just like a blog does.

One thought on “Writing Serious Things, In a Creative Way

  1. Great post and a good description of how communicating in person or in casual spaces can be more comfortable than the formality demanded by many professional environments. Any thoughts on how to overcome that difficulty when we have to be professional?

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