Bioneers Presentation: An organizational Review

I went to the Front Range Bioneers conference on Saturday and saw a woman speaker by the name of Michelle Parish put together a presentation that I thought was well constructed and got her point across effectively.

When she began her presentation she introduced herself and gave out preliminary information to set the stage and let people know that she had the appropriate credentials to know what she was to be presenting on. Her introduction involved:

-Affiliations (Head of CU Climate Justice)

– Past accomplishments

– Current Projects (Boulder Flood Relief)

After her intro she gave us her thesis statement or general theme of her presentation; resilience of the community after the Boulder floods. After introducing her broad theme, she narrowed it down to a more concentrated issue; The harmful plutonium in the Rocky Flats area that was disturbed by the flood.

Now that the audience knew exactly what she was presenting on she went on to outline her points of concern and finished with a take home point that wrapped up her presentation well and in turn she got an impressive response from the audience after her presentation was over.

The highlight of the organization of the presentation for me was the broad theme that she introduced and then narrowed it down to a smaller target issue that allowed the audience to attend to the core concepts of the presentation by eliminating confusion about her focus for her message.



One thought on “Bioneers Presentation: An organizational Review

  1. A good overall evaluation but be careful of language that can be interpreted as sexist (was it necessary to point out her gender in the introduction? If it wasn’t central to her point or your analysis, such details should be omitted).

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