A New Perspective on Writing

4 months ago when I signed up for Writing 3030 I had no interest in the class or writing in general for that matter. This is because my writing experiences in both college and high school have been too structured.  When I say structured I don’t mean teachers telling me how to write; no, I mean teachers telling me what to write. I just thought that this is how writing class were and the structure would always frustrate me because I had no passion in what I was writing; this made my final product poor and turned me off of the idea of writing.

Writing 3030 has allowed all of us in the class to express ourselves in our writing because the topics we were writing were so open ended. That aspect of the class was the most fascinating for me, because when I write about something I have interest in, my writing becomes that much better and easier to do.

Another misconception I had about writing when I entered this class was that I should use the most profound words possible while at the same time using the most words that I can fit into a sentence.<— (do you see what I mean?)

Our teacher, Amy, taught us that concise writing is key. Nobody wants to read useless words anyway, the only purpose they serve is filling space. I learned many things in this class but I believe concise writing is one that I will never forget.


Thanks Amy


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