Final Reflection

The middle of junior year.   The time in college when I can FINALLY say that I’m more than halfway there, that the end is in sight.  This semester wasn’t marked by any sort of grand discovery or self-actualization on my part, but I still found it to be significant because it’s the first time that when I look behind me I can see just how far I’ve come.  Writing 3030 was also a noteworthy class because it is the first and only writing class I’ll ever take in my undergraduate career.  It was about what I expected it to be, but I found that I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing.  All of my classes that I’ve taken thus far are extremely heavy on math, which is fine, because I like math, but the addition of this writing class in my schedule made me remember how important it is to have balance.  It was oddly therapeutic to be able to take a break from my engineering homework to be able to work on a writing assignment.  I loved the fact that actual words and paragraphs on clean white paper were taking place of the endless numbers and symbols scrawled haphazardly on sickly green engineering paper.   And although I’m not claiming to have actually liked doing writing homework (and nobody would believe me if I did), it was nice to have different homework to do sometimes because it challenged me to think about the world in a different way.  Overall this writing class has been a positive experience for me and I was pleasantly surprised that a class I had been forced to take turned out to be so fulfilling.  It was also a nice reminder that there’s a lot more to the world than just numbers.


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