A Path Paved with Writing

Writing has never been my forte and (sorry to say) this four month long journey has not managed to change my opinion. However, it would be total nonsense for me to say that my writing (skill, technique, approach, etc.) has not improved at all because everything I have learned in WRTG 3030 has been a great experience and will help me further down the line in my career.

When I had first entered the class I had a variety of mixed feelings.

– I hope this teacher is nice.

– I hope this class does not turn out to be really boring.

– She won’t make us survey people, right?

– I really hope we do not have to write long papers.

I certainly felt a little discouraged when she immediately told us we’d be writing a 12 page final paper (that is very long to me) although it was nice that my other thoughts turned out well.  We, the class, were given much freedom in this class. Lectures, more or less, revolved around the students thoughts and every topic assignment (this blog included) we were handed gave us the opportunity to write about we wanted to. And, through it all, I have personally learned a great deal about professional, concise writing as well as have been given the chance to improve my public speaking.

Despite my lacking interest of writing, I have managed to thoroughly enjoy WRTG 3030 and hope that my reader(s) (Amy) have enjoyed the stories I have had the opportunity to tell.


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