Improving One Nano at a Time

Reference: Ganesh, V Kartik. “Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering.” Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Oct. 2013.

The research paper, Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering, just as the title implies, touches down on nanotechnology, which Ganesh defines as “the understanding and manipulation of matter on the nanoscale”, and how it is used/or will be used in Civil engineering. [He] goes on to explain that nanotechnology, very much like construction, has undergone and will continue to undergo great changes over the course of history despite either of [them] not being anywhere close to a new science or technology (Ganesh, V Kartik).

This paper goes into great depths to introduce what exactly nanotechnology is in the field of civil engineering and, for a beginner with no knowledge about nanotechnology, is very informative. The paper goes into great detail, beyond background information and what [it] is, about the various methods and uses of the technology in construction today. Some such methods would be concrete strengthening and healing, increased corrosion resistance in steel, the addition of fire-protection to glass, and material/structure performance monitoring nanosensors among many other uses (Ganesh, V Kartik).

Last but not least, just like mostly everything in this world, the paper highlights many different advantages and disadvantages of using nanotechnology in construction and civil engineering.

This source will prove to be very useful when it comes to writing my paper on civil engineering related nanotechnology due to its extensiveness on the subject and my desire to give a complete overview on nanotechnology’s development and usage in the world of civil engineering today.

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